Dear Benicia Community,

The research is abundantly clear and excitingly optimistic: the positive effects of daily acts of gratitude and kindness towards others and oneself can have transformationally positive effects in so many areas of our lives, including our own happiness.   

The Thanksgiving Holiday is a kind of built-in opportunity for us to slow down, pause and reflect on the many gifts in our lives while also considering and acting upon ways to share kindness and support to one another.  

Our society needs this now more than ever and we can be leaders in this effort in our community.  As a school district, we continue to focus on the concept of culture and how we can shape it in positive and supportive ways through our daily interactions with one another and our students.   

We are passionately committed to this most important effort, knowing we are not perfect but optimistically determined and enthusiastically in progress.  

It is an honor to serve as your superintendent and I am grateful for this opportunity each day.

On behalf of the Board Trustees and myself, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving and we look forward to seeing everyone after the break.   

Charles F. Young, Ed. D